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Energy from Waste (EfW)

Here is a video showing the new waste to energy technology that we have been developing with our team, now in operation. Based on time served principles of cyclonic destruction, the EFT system is designed to take a wide variety of pulverised waste streams. These include many varieties of Wood, Coffee, Rice, Palm and Bagasse wastes, as well as Refused Derived Fuels (RDF).

To view the video, please click here: 

The clip shows the pilot plant under test - a  compact, ultra-high temperature, thermal system for the destruction of various waste materials. Running at up to 1,400 ° C this system is based on historic principles for effective and instant processing. It is more compact than all similar process plants, simpler to operate and because of the modular design is easy to maintain. 

The new compact waste to energy system is now operational. Utilising cyclonic technology, the system is designed to handle waste materials. Start-up time to full operation is less than 20 minutes and the system in the video handles around 400 kg per hour but measures only 4Mtrs by 3.6Mtrs. Operating between 1,200 and 1,400 °C the technology is designed to operate well below the emissions standards and due to the temperatures involved the residue is commonly very low at around 1 to 2% by weight of input material.

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