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Energy and Waste

As demand for energy grows we are continually looking to discover and develop new sources of energy thus reducing the pressures on our natural resources and the environment. The use of waste as an energy source is a fast growing sector as it gives positive outcomes in responding to two agendas. Firstly it provides a new energy source and secondly it reduces the environmental impacts of waste disposal. 

It is important that any waste to be used in EFW technology is firstly processed to remove any recyclable material. At Alan Wood & Partners we have specialists who are vastly experienced in the design and construction of such materials processing facilities. We have been involved in numerous facilities employing a range of separation technologies – air separation, floatation, screening, magnetic processes (air and natural), eddy current separation, etc. We can help in the delivery of highly efficient recycling facilities from concept to operation.

Once the recyclate has been removed energy can be recovered from waste by various technologies – combustion, pyrolysis and gecification or anaerobic digestion. Again, Alan Wood & Partners are experienced in the design and delivery of facilities incorporating these technologies.

Alan Wood & Partners can assist in the delivery of total solutions from waste acceptance and recycling, to heat or power outputs feeding end users.

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