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10 years of Alan Wood & Partners "Grow Your Own" apprenticeship programme 

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Signs of Subsidence


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Geo-Environmental Engineers - Job Opportunities


Amazing opportunities for Geo-Environmental Engineers and Senior Comtaminated Land Engineer

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What Makes a Good Road Sign?


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CAD / REVIT TECHNICIAN (All grades considered)


Due to increased workload we are looking for CAD / Revit Technicians (all grades considered)

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Apprentice of the Year Award


Congratulations to Matthew Byford Loggie

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Looking for a new opportunity and Challenge?


Due to an expanding work load we have some amazing job opportunities available

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The Main Causes of Foundation Failure


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2021 RIBA Award Winners


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Looking for a New Opportunity and Challenge?


Due to our increasing workload we are looking for 2 Geo-Environmental Engineers

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Join our Team


We are looking for a Graduate / Experienced Engineer to join our team in Lincoln.

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Notable Sulphate Attacks


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St George’s field development project in York


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The London sewer system


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Disabled Facilities North Lincolnshire | Infographic


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Reinforced Concrete | Infographic


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The Worlds Most Dangerous Roads | Infographic


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Technical Apprentice of the Year


Congratulations Bradley

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UKs Most Significant Floods


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What Makes A Great Building Surveyor


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Ribblehead Viaduct vs Brooklyn Bridge


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Case Study: The Newton Building


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Quality Control for Construction Projects


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Major New Development for Bridlington

Good to see our long association with Fintry Estates and this project coming to fruition.

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Restoring a 115 Year Old Railway Bridge


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Business Continuity

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Official launch of Lagoon Hull


Estimated £1.5bn development will provide flood protection with new lagoon

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50 Years of Technical & Professional Expertise


Back in the 1960s the world of construction was experiencing rapid changes. The old methods of calculation were being replaced by new electronic devices. Alan Wood & Partners were formed in 1968 to address the need for expert civil and structural consultants. Alan Wood & Partners changed the face of civil engineering in Yorkshire at the time.

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A Commanding Display

Bomber Command had more than 125,000 men who served as aircrew to protect our great nation. Just fewer than 70,000 people returned. With no doubt the role of the Bomber Command has been truly under recognised until now.

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