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What it means to be a woman in construction


At this time in the industry, it is truly great to be a woman.

For the women who have been in the industry for many years, it is about respect. For a woman entering the industry, it is acceptance.

Alan Wood and Partners are 52 years old this year, and throughout this time, we have continually embraced and encouraged women in engineering, we believe in seeing our people for who they are.

Emma Luckman, one of our engineers at our Hull office is very prominent in acting within the International Women's Week. Emma is taking part on the discussion panel for the Apprenticeship Pathways and promoting diversity in construction that will be taking place on the 10th March.




Emma says “Although there is some time to go before, we have complete equality, I do think now is great time where you really can see diversity in the workplace. The different attributes that it inevitably brings really do help to promote a more efficient and constructive workforce.

At Alan Wood and Partners, it is so great to work in an environment such as that described, and to know you are a valued member of the team makes coming to work so much nicer and gives such a sense of self-worth.”

In celebration of extraordinary women from around the world, the construction industry is now more of a positive environment for women to work in.


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