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By observing our unique risk assessments and the measures put in place, together with being mindful of every individuals personal circumstances and needs, we have successfully returned to work in our COVID19 secured offices.

We are following the Government guidelines and continually monitor adherence to our plan. Whilst being available for face-to-face meetings at to our offices, we would prefer and are encouraging video or telephone conferencing for meetings.

 Returning to our offices has allowed us to:

  • Re-establish easy sharing of ideas.
  • Allow our more junior staff to return to work where they can benefit from on the job learning, support from others and     knowledge exchange.
  • Increased morale and comradery by direct interaction rather than virtual means.

As a modern and innovative business, we already have the systems in place for our staff if they prefer, our are required work remotely:

  • Our phone system is a VOIP system meaning we can direct office calls to any member of the team, as required;
  • All team members have the ability to securely retrieve and reply to customer emails;
  • All team members have the ability to securely retrieve information regarding the projects on which we are working and   disseminate this to our customers to ensure timescales are adhered to.

If you wish to contact us during this Covid-19 pandemic  please feel free to call our offices, or email us on the usual personal email addresses or use . 

Stay safe, and please continue to look after the vulnerable amongst us, not everyone has family or friends close by.
Kind regards

Peter Drenon

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