Protecting communities from flooding

As the climate continues to change, severe weather events are having an ever-greater impact on communities in the UK and beyond.

The need for drainage systems able to cope with such weather events and mitigate the impacts of rapid run-off from development is increasing, as flooding becomes a major issue in many parts of the world.

Our expert drainage teams comprising Chartered Water and Environmental Engineers and Chartered Civil Engineers have an enviable track record in the development of innovative solutions for some of the worst affected regions in the country, helping to mitigate the adverse effects of rapid run-off either by encouraging water infiltration into the ground or by controlled discharge and storage.

Alan Wood & Partners has extensive expertise in numerous areas of drainage design, including:

  • Private drainage design
  • Adoptable drainage design, including technical approvals
  • Site appraisal and infiltration assessment
  • Hydraulic modelling
  • Drainage operation and maintenance strategies
  • Sustainable Drainage Solutions (SuDS)
  • Water quality assessments and pollution prevention
  • Surface water and foul water pumping stations

In designing new drainage systems, our experienced teams start by reviewing the existing hydrological and hydrogeological situation and from this produce a conceptual design. Then, working closely with the client, we work through a number of stages to produce a detailed design solution that meets the client’s objectives, seamlessly integrating functionality with sustainability.