Bespoke earthworks solutions

Pressure to cut waste in construction, as well as minimise the impact of development on the environment, means that employing the right earthworks strategy is more important now than ever.

At Alan Wood & Partners, our experienced geotechnical and geoenvironmental engineers have a deep understanding of the impact earthwork strategies can have on land acquisition, construction, operation and maintenance and the expertise to guide clients in this process, including:

  • Design and balancing of cut and fill requirements
  • Design of temporary and permanent slopes
  • Specification of fill material
  • Ground improvement and materials re-use

We use these skills to ensure the delivery of a landform bespoke to the planned development, providing tailored solutions to both geoenvironmental and geotechnical challenges to minimise any abnormal costs associated with the development.

We also provide earthworks supervision and support to developers to verify the condition of the ground and any earthworks being constructed as part of the proposed development. This provides our clients regulators, funders and warranty providers with the surety they require as to the performance of the earthworks for the lifetime of the proposed development.