Nationally recognised experts in sustainable drainage systems

As nationally-recognised experts in the design of drainage systems, Alan Wood & Partners has significant experience and expertise in the design and specification of Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS).

SuDS are designed to provide an alternative to channelling of surface water through the traditional network of underground pipes and sewers and into local watercourses, mimicking natural run-off to help enhance water quality, prevent flooding and protect the environment.

SuDS are being employed in a large range of commercial and local authority settings, and are being heavily promoted by the Environment Agency and Local Planning Authorities for their ability to:

  • Control flooding 
  • Achieve acceptable run-off flows
  • Increase water quality and minimise pollution
  • Re-charge groundwater
  • Enhance the environment and public amenity

In designing a SuDS system, our experienced teams start by reviewing the existing hydrological and hydrogeological setting and from this produce a conceptual design. Then, working closely with the client, we work through a number of stages to produce a detailed design solution that meets the client’s objectives and helps protect communities and the environment.