Ensuring the quality of our clients’ developments

Along with desktop studies, intrusive Site Investigations are a fundamental process in the site appraisal and design process, providing vital information about the nature, condition and strength of the ground beneath a development site.

Our geoenvironmental and geotechnical engineers can then advise on the extent of ground preparation works the site will need and advise on engineering challenges the development may face in the ground.

At Alan Wood & Partners, our specialist teams are experienced in the design, commissioning and supervision of all aspects of any intrusive site investigation for a variety of proposed end uses and work with our specialist partners to undertake all necessary on and off site materials testing to establish the condition of the ground beneath the site and inform the overall engineering design.

We offer a full range of services which are tailored to each site to cut out any unnecessary over specification and cost of the investigatory works. Our specialists will be involved at all times during site investigations to supervise and accurately record the finding of the investigation. This ensures we deliver reports and recommendations which are completely accurate and reliable.