Experts in flood risk, water and the environment

Flood Risk Assessments (FRA) are a vital component of planning applications of more than one hectare in area, or those in  sensitive locations.

Therefore, understanding the process and constraints on development is vital and obtaining the right advice at project inception will save significant time in achieving planning consent for a development.

We are experts in flood risk, water and the environment. Our specialist team have undertaken hundreds of FRA’s across the UK and are recognised as a leading supplier of flood risk modelling and assessment and surface water drainage design.

Our specialist engineers use the latest software to assess and model the risk and extent of potential flooding from bodies of water near to a development site, enabling them to design effective solutions to protect buildings and people. Our engineers have worked tirelessly over decades to demonstrate our expertise and obtain the trust of key stakeholders within Local Planning Authorities This work has meant many developments that otherwise would have struggled to get planning permission, did so.

We continue to provide innovative new solutions for the management of flood waters, including alternative storage methods and restricted site discharges, making Alan Wood & Partners one of the foremost engineering practices working in the area of flood assessment, management and alleviation.