Topographical and Measured Surveys

Avoid costly mistakes, establishing the correct and accurate site information and unforeseen issues.

To support our core business activity, we have developed an in-house team of experienced land surveyors offering high quality and accurate topographical surveys.

Employing the latest technology to capture and process data, we can delivery topographical surveys on paper or digitally depending on the client’s preference.  As well as topographical surveys we also offer:

  • Measured building surveys
  • GPR (Ground Penetrating Radar) surveys
  • Elevation surveys
  • Laser-scanning and Point Cloud surveys
  • Drone surveys

Our specialist team use their knowledge of the construction sector to ensure all information that is vital to design, planning and delivery of a project is captured regardless of specification oversight.  Establishing the correct and accurate site information is one of the first steps in mitigating risks and securing design certainty. This essential service helps avoid costly mistakes or unforeseen issues on any project.