Living with Water Retrofit SuDS

Alan Wood and Partners

Living with Water partnership scheme in Hull is a collaborative effort involving various stakeholders to address flooding issues and implement sustainable drainage solutions in the area.

The Rosmead Street Retrofit SuDS project is a transformative project aimed at addressing flooding and environmental concerns in Rosmead Street. By implementing permeable pavements, the project manages rainwater sustainably, reducing the risk of floods while improving water quality. It exemplifies the integration of nature-based solutions into urban planning, promoting resilience to climate change and fostering a greener, more liveable community in the face of growing environmental challenges.

Engineering and Design Factors

Alan Wood & Partners have established a reputation for innovative engineering solutions, including their work on permeable paving. Their design expertise involves creating surfaces that allow rainwater to pass through, reducing surface runoff and minimising flooding risks. Permeable paving also aids in groundwater recharge and improves water quality by filtering pollutants. Alan Wood & Partners' designs prioritise sustainability and environmental responsibility, showcasing their commitment to crafting solutions that not only serve practical purposes but also contribute to a more resilient urban landscape.

Description of the Works

Alan Wood & Partners took the scheme from concept to construction. Assessing the notional solution provided by others we looked at the scheme from a new perspective and considered the engineering constraints and devised a permeable pavement solution that would not only reduce flood risk but convey surface water and treat it and enhance the amenity value of the area.

We undertook the detailed design of the permeable paving, including hydraulic modelling to demonstrate that the design storm event would not flood the street and houses, and we prepared the general arrangement plans and sections. We obtained approvals from both Hull City Council Highways and Yorkshire Water. Our technical team attended consultation events with local resident to allay their fears and worked in a partnership with Morrisons Water Services and the Living With Water team.

Project:Living with Water Retrofit SuDS

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