Institution of Civil Engineers Approve Alan Wood & Partners Training Scheme

21 July 2023

The ICE provides support to more than 95,000 civil engineers and technicians and through its network of Approved Employers, delivers structured training programs, enabling Technicians and Engineers to attain professional qualifications and status.

This renewal illustrates AWP's unwavering commitment to the growth and development of its staff and future workforce.

Peter Drenon Stated, "We are pleased to be once again acknowledged for providing training approved by the ICE.  We are proud to foster an environment that encourages and rewards our employees to enhance their skills, expand their knowledge base and strive to become professionally qualified.

The retained status offers our employees the assurance that Alan Wood & Partners can provide them with the necessary support, assist in their progress, and offer mentoring that aligns with the ICE's high standards.

As the Supervising Civil Engineer for the business, it brings me immense personal satisfaction to witness the progress and accomplishments of our engineers as they pursue their career goals. Over the past 10 years, AWP has supported 12 engineers through the ICE training programme, and we currently have 4 more actively working towards their qualifications.

We firmly believe in nurturing the next generation of engineers who will help propel our business forward. This is why operating an ICE Approved Training Scheme is integral to maintaining a professional, sustainable business with a highly qualified and respected workforce.”