Beverley South Residential Development

Alan Wood and Partners

Vistry and Strata's house development in Beverley is a noteworthy residential project, consisting of around 750 plots to the south of Beverley.

The planning application dates back to 2015 and Alan Wood & Partners has been working with the developers from the planning stage through to construction which will likely continue up to 2025. The development encompasses the construction of contemporary homes designed to meet modern living standards and aims to create a thriving community by offering well-planned layouts, energy-efficient features, and access to local amenities. A new roundabout was also required to access the site from Beverley bypass.

Engineering and Design Factors

Designing roads, sewers, and Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS) for a residential development, while securing S104 (adoption of sewers) and S38 (adoption of highways) approvals, poses several engineering and logistical challenges. Sewer systems must be designed to handle surface water and wastewater efficiently and adhere to environmental and local and national standards. Integrating SuDS requires innovative solutions for flood management and water quality enhancement. Securing approvals involves adherence to guidelines, and collaboration with East Riding of Yorkshire Council and Yorkshire Water and the Beverley and North Holderness Internal Drainage Board. This demands precision and expertise in infrastructure planning and design and perseverance and relationships. We continue to work on the scheme as it evolves and phases are updated compared to the original application, requiring diligence and co-ordination with as-built details.

Description of the Works

Alan Wood & Partners provided the Flood Risk and Drainage Assessment for the site as part of the planning approval stage. We were then commissioned to undertake the full S104, S38, private drainage and private external works for the site, in three distinct phases. We ensured each phase dovetailed with the previous one for level, drainage and alignment continuity.

We undertook the detailed design of a new roundabout off the Beverley bypass, to East Riding of Yorkshire’s standards and departures, and designed the spine road and Park & Ride bus access road.

Alan Wood & Partners also provided foundation design solutions for every house, specific to the ground conditions, the plot type, the line-loads and load take downs and provided super-structure engineering advice.

We also provided earthworks designs to embankments and highways and plots based on the geo-environmental reports and the civil, highway, drainage and structural requirements.

Project:Beverley South Residential Development

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