New Pedestrian Walkway

Alan Wood and Partners

A new link to provide a direct covered pedestrian walkway from Hackney Downs to Hackney Centre, which will significantly reduce the interchange time between the two stations.

Engineering and Design Factors

The new pedestrian walkway at Hackney Interchange, London, is a new steel twin span pedestrian DDA compliant walkway, which links Hackney Central Station and Hackney Downs Station. The walkway enables passengers to travel between stations without leaving the station environment. The new footbridge is to consist of a series of simply supported main spans perpendicular to the running lines.

All spans are formed from Warren truss elevations with the exception of the staircases which are formed from Vierendeel trusses. On each span, the main chords are laced together top and bottom, forming a complete a box section bridge. At low level the main spans are supported by cantilever CHS columns with moment bases, and in some locations by trestle supports. At high level the main spans are sitting on moment-resisting goalpost frames.

Part of the structure is within the ‘Hazard zone’ as specified in Eurocodes as 4.5m from the nearest running rail, therefore, the structure within the hazard zone was designed to accommodate the derailment loading.

Description of the Works

Alan Wood and Partners carried out a Category 3 full independent check for this scheme for Network Rail.

Project:New Pedestrian Walkway

Alan Wood & Partners