Redevelopment Works, Hull Minster, Phase 1

Alan Wood and Partners

The ‘Phase 1’ works were carried out by Eurovia on behalf of a joint venture between Hull City Council and Hull Minster (then Holy Trinity Church) to transform Trinity Square.

Crucially for the church, this involved the removal of the old, Victorian boundary walls and trees, previously sited to the west side, to provide a cohesive and welcoming paved square, new lighting, seating and mirror pools. A brass inlay was laid in the new paving to represent this historic line of church boundary wall.

Engineering and Design Factors

One of the biggest challenges was the coordination of the different parties involved as the works spanned across both Hull City Council (HCC) and Hull Minster (HM) external areas in Trinity Square.

AWP carried out various surveys including structural assessment of the impact of the previous trees sited within HM’s boundary as well as carrying out a survey of all ledger stones to allow them to be fully recorded by the archaeologists before being lifted and set aside for re-use around the Minster. These were all crucial elements required as part of the approvals process that was complicated given the numerous parties involved

Archaeological investigations and exhumation of the remains buried around the Minster played a big part of this and future phases of work. It’s careful planning and coordination around the main contractor’s work was critical in the successful delivery of the project. It was vital that this was completed with care and dignity and so we communicated closely with the archaeological team to ensure that all necessary provisions for time and privacy hoardings etc were afforded to them.

The completion of the public domain work has created a flexible, multi-use space that has been used for car rallies, festivals, amongst other events, but by removing the previous boundary wall, it has opened up the Minster which has become much more inviting to visitor and worshipers alike.

Project:Redevelopment Works, Hull Minster, Phase 1

Alan Wood & Partners