ITU and Hospital Entrance Building

Alan Wood and Partners

The project involved the construction of a new 2 storey ITU unit, along with a new Main Entrance building incorporating retail and café space and improving the access into the existing hospital.

In order to facilitate the development it was necessary to divert the existing access road through the site, along with modifications and additions to the existing deep drainage.     

Engineering and Design Factors

Both the entrance building and the ITU unit were volumetric modular with a requirement to meet HTM ward specifications for the ITU floors. The site featured some significant changes of level, and the existing building featured a basement level.  Services were present in the development area including an oxygen main.

The foundations were a split of traditional deep pads to the ITU and vibro-compacted ground improvement and shallow pads to the main entrance building.

A series of link structures, ramps and retaining walls completed the connection to the existing building and the external works.

Description of the Works

This £21 million project has allowed for the creation of a new ITU space and improved access routes and amenity to the main entrance of this hospital. Alan Wood & Partners are happy that specialists in our Civil, Structural and Geotechnical engineering disciplines were able to help in bringing this project to fruition.

Project:ITU and Hospital Entrance Building

Alan Wood & Partners