Dragados Office Accommodation

Alan Wood and Partners

This project was a 6-storey building which comprised of a construction skills training area to the ground floor along with the associated classrooms.

The remainder of the building is generally office accommodation, the roofs generally consisted of plant area hidden by a louvred screen or brown/green roof.

Engineering and Design Factors

The ground floor consisted of both traditional steel construction and modular. The challenges involved connecting the two construction types within the scheme to provide a fully coordinated design between the different design consultants. The design utilised the floor and ceiling chassis to act as diaphragm to transfer the lateral loads to a series of braced bays. The modules were generally 3m wide and around 12m long. There was an external stair and walkway to the rear which was structurally independent but tied to the modules for robustness and stability purposes.

Description of the Works

Alan Wood & Partners role involved the structural design of the modular elements to the building. The modules consisted of hot rolled welded end frames with a cold rolled steel chassis for the ceiling’s, floor’s and roof. All modules had internal props which was generally located midspan of the modules.

Project:Dragados Office Accommodation

Alan Wood & Partners