Installation of New Sports Pitches

Alan Wood and Partners

The new Ashfield sports pitches in York represent a significant community development project. These state-of-the-art pitches offer modern facilities for football and recreational activities, catering to the diverse needs of the local community.

Designed to meet the local standards, they provide a safe and accessible environment for sports enthusiasts of all ages. The Ashfield sports pitches in York are not only a source of physical well-being but also foster community engagement and promote an active lifestyle, enhancing the overall quality of life in the area.

Engineering and Design Factors

Creating new grass sports pitches is a complex project that involves addressing several engineering challenges. The soil composition, drainage, and topography must be carefully considered to ensure optimal pitch performance. Proper grading, irrigation, and turf selection are vital for longevity and playability. Additionally, managing water runoff and soil compaction are key concerns. Balancing the need for high-quality pitches with environmental sustainability and effective drainage systems can be challenging, requiring expertise in soil science and sports field engineering. Alan Wood & Partners' expertise likely played a critical role in ensuring the successful development of high-quality sports pitches.

Description of the Works

Alan Wood & Partners provided comprehensive engineering services for the project. We were involved in site assessment and soil analysis to ensure proper pitch foundations; we designed the site and its new topography, and we undertook a ‘cut & fill’ assessment to deal with around 10,000m3 of earthworks. We undertook drainage design of the pitches to discharge to Sustainable Drainage Systems, including swales and attenuation basins, and ensured flood risk off site was not increased by reducing the discharge rates to the greenfield equivalent. We liaised with the City of York Council, as the Lead Local Flood Authority, to discharge planning conditions, and provided supporting hydraulic calculations, took climate change into consideration and provided general arrangement drawings and detailed SuDS proposals for tender and construction.

Project:Installation of New Sports Pitches

Alan Wood & Partners