New Environment Building Faculty

Alan Wood and Partners

The project was to design a building as a focus for a number of aligned departments within the University.

The departments involved were the Environment Department, The York Environment and the Stockholm Environment Institute York.  The building was designed to provide 4000m2 for the various departments over 4 floors.

Engineering and Design Factors

Alan Wood & Partners worked closely with other members of the design team to deliver this project for the University. Our previous extensive experience in working closely with various Universities and Higher Education bodies proved to be invaluable in this instance. During the construction period we undertook compliance checks on behalf of the University. The drainage system was required to be of a sustainable design.  The overall building was required to achieve an overall BREEAM Excellent rating.

Description of the Works

Alan Wood & Partners were engaged to form part of the Client side design team with a brief to develop an initial design that was then to be delivered under a Design and Build JCT contract without novation. The solution for the construction of the building was to adopt a steel framed structure with precast concrete floors on a piled foundation.

Project:New Environment Building Faculty

Alan Wood & Partners