New Secondary School, London

Alan Wood and Partners

This expansion to the Little Ilford School in London offers an increase of 2 forms to the current 10 forms previously provided by the school.

The project takes the form of two new buildings to be built within the site; the first building a three storey humanities and languages classroom block, and the second a SEND special educational needs building.     

Engineering and Design Factors

The three storey teaching block building is constructed using a mixture of on-site and off-site construction methodologies to best serve the structural requirements of the different spaces provided. The upper two storeys that serve as classroom units are constructed as volumetric modular units, built off-site in a factory environment and delivered to site to be landed over the traditional built steel composite transfer structure on CFA piled retaining walls and ground beams below.

For the SEND pod building, modular manufacturer was not deemed to be the most suitable methodology for the structure and a portalised frame was adopted instead, offering benefits in cost, spacial constraints and carbon. 

Description of the Works

This £25 million primary school expansion project has served to increase the quality of space and services offered to the pupils at Little Ilford School, and Alan Wood & Partners are happy that specialists in both our Civil and Structural engineering disciplines were able to help in bringing this project to fruition.

Project:New Secondary School, London

Alan Wood & Partners