Redevelopment of Household Waste Recycling Centre

Alan Wood and Partners

Redevelopment of household waste recycling centre at Holford Drive, Perry Barr, Birmingham. The site area is approximately 3.12 hectares.

Engineering and Design Factors

The WTS building structure comprises a double span portal with hit and missed internal columns along the valley. The internal slabs are ground bearing of 225mm thick reinforced with mesh and steel fibres. The two storeys office building are of modular construction. The foundations of the buildings are pad footings. The challenges faced by the design involves the sequencing of the build as the site had to remain operational during the redevelopment. It required careful planning of the new drainage including the attenuation and full retention interceptor all of which had to take into consideration of the existing live drains.

Description of the Works

The redevelopment works include the demolition of the former incinerator building, transfer station, wash bay, fuel station, office and amenity blocks, site strip of existing hardstanding and redundant services. The new construction comprises a new Waste Transfer Station, drive through loading bays, storage bays, vehicle maintenance workshop, split level household waste recovery centre, a tow storeys office/welfare facility, weighbridge kiosk and cabins.

Project:Redevelopment of Household Waste Recycling Centre

Alan Wood & Partners