Modular Multi-Storey Accommodation

Alan Wood and Partners

The development consists of a 7-Storey mixed use building that offers 121 self-contained studio flats with shared spaces on each floor.

The ground and first floor also provide dedicated co-working space and units available for hospitality. Throughout the project Alan Wood & Partners provided both Civil and Structural services.

Engineering and Design Factors

The main structure of the upper floors is volumetric modular, prepared offsite with an infill corridor piece added on site. The ground and first floor structure is reinforced concrete which allows longer spans and open spaces to the co working area. The modules were landed on the RC transfer structure and fixed down in accordance with the relevant robustness requirements.

Alan Wood & Partners worked closely with the modular manufacturer to provide detailed design of the modular steel and intermodular connection as well as connections to the transfer structure . Consideration was also given to the masonry support for the external leaf of the façade. The project also included design and detailing of the concrete transfer structure & foundations. Civil Engineering was provided in the form of below ground drainage and externals. BIM was utilised throughout this project, including 3D modelling of the concrete reinforcement.

Description of the Works

Alan Wood & Partners delivered Civil and Structural services for this project within the wider team to supply this area with sought after accommodation.

Project:Modular Multi-Storey Accommodation

Alan Wood & Partners