New Entrance at Hull Royal Infirmary

Alan Wood and Partners

NHS Trust collaborating with Race Cottam Associates proposed a new entrance to Hull Royal Infirmary Hospital.

The building was proposed to offer the new entrance along with retail area at the ground floor and various usage to upper floor e.g.: offices, parent’s accommodations, restaurant, plant room.  The new building allows also direct access to the existing link bridge providing critical connection between HRI and Women and Children’s Hospital. 

Engineering and Design Factors

Key structural engineering challenges that had to be overcome on this project was requirement from NHS Trust to ensure continuous access between HRI and Women and Children’s Hospital. Therefore, the new structure had to be built in stages around existing link bridge structure.  Temporary scaffold link bridge was allowed only for a short term usage during demolition of the existing  link bridge section.

The temporary stability to the main new structure and existing link bridge during it alterations and demolition was overseen by Alan Wood & Partners Structures team to ensure that the structure remained safe and stable throughout the process of the build.

Description of the Works

Alan Wood & Partners provided support on this project in the form of our Civil and Structural specialisms to deliver dynamic and contemporary extension to the Hull Royal Infirmary.

Project:New Entrance at Hull Royal Infirmary

Alan Wood & Partners